It is a non-contagious disease in which the loss of the natural pigmentation of the skin occurs. Emotional factors such as stress, anxiety and depression are common in triggering or worsening of the disease. It can also be caused after suffering injuries, whose injured skin cannot recover its colour back. The incidence is higher in two age groups: 10-15 years and 20-40 years, but the disease can occur at any age. Pathologically, vitiligo characterized by reduction in number or function of melanocytes, cells located in the epidermis of the skin responsible for producing pigment – melanin. One of the most accepted hypotheses about the cause of vitiligo is an autoimmune disease. The body’s defences are surprised and attack the melanocytes, thus preventing the normal production of melanin therefore appear white spots of various sizes throughout the body. May occur in any segment of the skin, including the retina (eye). The most common sites are the face, hands and genitals. The hair located on vitiligo patches become whitish. The hit location is quite sensitive to the sun, and there may be severe burns if exposed to the sun without protective, increasing the risk for developing skin cancer.


The Camouflage Vitiligo

The repigmentation of Vitiligo is an innovative treatment in which a mixture of custom pigment is introduced into the depigmented skin to minimize its appearance.

In some cases repigmentation of the skin where there is loss of colour due to vitiligo is a great solution. However, there are some limitations. It is not advisable repigment large areas of skin and if the condition is unstable, the affected area may also be changed in this case you pursue stains all the time.