Coloration of the lips is an ancient art. Women have painted their lips with various types of dyes for centuries. Pigmented lips permanently benefits those whose hands tremble or are unable to perform daily routine of cosmetic makeup application. Not just for those who wish to improve their visual but also for those who lost their colour or definition, possibly through natural aging, chemotherapy, surgery, sun damage or an accident. Semi-permanent makeup accents the shape and colour to the lips, corrects imperfections or gaps and creates a fuller and more sensuous colour.

Lip Liner

Permanent lip liner characterized by a compact line applied to the outer contours of the lips defining its shape or creating a better definition. Some people seek permanent lip liner to cover a scar or correct an abnormal lip.

Shaded Lips

This is a more natural choice for contour accentuation of lips. It is a wider line with less definition applied to the inner contours of the lips creating a shadow effect.

Full Lips

This method produces a similar effect to lipstick. You can choose a colour that accents the lips, although most women prefer to use a more natural colour, since it is much easier to live with on a day- to-day.