Hair Stroke Eyebrows

When you hear talking about “permanent makeup” gives you the shivers, you normally think about ugly and artificial eyebrows reminding of a geisha or your grandmother (sorry grandma), who had tattooed eyebrows on their twenties and now have two bluish colour lines in place. Today, the permanent makeup, also known as micropigmentation, should no longer gives the shivers when you see or hear this name. Over the past decade the techniques used in these procedures have developed a lot. The permanent makeup artists have a range of colours to choose, sometimes use up to three colours to create a lighter shade. In addition, the “final” word has a figurative character than it used to have. When the pigment is implanted in the skin less depth than the traditional tattoos, the durability last 2-5 years, depending on the care will be taken on the pigmented area. However, the patient is encouraged to conduct annual visits to “refresh” the colour.

The revolutionary Hair stroke technique with a 3-D effect

The hair stroke method is universally suitable for anyone, from those with minor fault to those without eyebrows. Small and very fine hairs are draw giving the appearance of real hairs. Different Colours are used for a 3D dimensions effect. When done right, this can be almost imperceptible, only adding definition to your eyebrows. With this technique you can make a perfect illusion of hairs creating the eyebrows of your dreams.

During years of experience and practice Thais perfected this technique further. “The final eyebrows I create are not solid, like painted in pencil, nor have thick hairs. I design ultrathin individual hairs with delicate features and in different shades of pigment to create a 3D effect that perfectly blend with your natural eyebrows. Honestly, you will be amazed at how realistic they will look! “

This is a specialized treatment that makes Thais Siera becoming increasingly known in the permanent makeup industry.


Keeping your eyebrows always beautiful

The permanent makeup is not completely definitive, it loses the colour as time passes. After 1 year, you will notice the colour ton will lighten. So why not keep the colour always fresh by performing annual maintenance visits with discount? This way you will always have beautiful eyebrows.

Clients who have conventional permanent eyebrows with faded aspect can update your look by adding new hairs (hair stroke technique) over it creating a 3-D effect.

A beautiful set of natural eyebrows frame the eyes improving the definition of the whole face. They have a rejuvenating effect as if the patient had made a facelift.


“Making permanent eyebrows changes a person´s face. Creating the right design is one of the most challenging and rewarding aspects of my work.”


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