Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply conventional makeup on top of the definitive?

I work with your natural facial features to improve them to the fullest. This natural aspect allows you to apply makeup normally on your "definitive" to vary the colors.


Is it painful?

A topical anesthetic is applied before and during each procedure in the epidermis to help relieve discomfort. Every customer is different, some will feel vibrating or scratching, and some will not feel anything.

Is it safe?

Technicians must follow strict hygiene and sterilization procedures that are in accordance with Sanitary Surveillance guidelines.


Is Permanent Makeup the same as Tattoo?<br /><br />

Initially the technique was the same, different nowadays though. In Micropigmentation we use an specific device and pigments to perform sensitive and delicate work, which fade over time. Contrary to what was before, more aggressive and coarse, leaving irreversible marks, because the tattoo is a technique that implants the pigments deeper, reaching the third layer of the skin and that is why it is more complicated to remove.


How long does permanent makeup last?

It has a durability of 1 year and a half to 5 years. This variation depends on some factors such as: skin type, technique used, needle penetration, post-pigmentation care, quality and color of the pigment used. Currently, cell renewal is accelerated by the use of rejuvenating acids, and by the direct action of the sun's rays, which also contribute to the fading of the pigment, requiring retouching in a shorter period of time. Some patients prefer to do retouching annually thus always maintaining the desired color.


What is the recovery period?

Some patients may experience swelling depending on where the work was done, but usually it is not noticeable. In most cases the patient can return to normal daily activities immediately.

Why do some eyebrows turn blue?

This happens when black pigment is used, this color is forbidden to use on that area of ​​the face. The black color as it fades out turns bluish.


Why do some eyebrows fade and turn red, pink or green?

The real cause for the eyebrows to fade to these shades, is the error in choosing the colour of the pigments. When the practitioner makes the correct use of colorimetry, the eyebrows fade to shades of brown. This is not as simple as choosing a tone that fits the patient's hair. It is much more complex than that. The relationship between the science behind the pigment´s colours and the patient's melanin should be understood by the skilled person who performs these procedures. It is clear to understand that professionals trained in 1 or 2 days of course will have difficulty applying colorimetry in practice.


Is it very expensive?

It is comparable to what most women spend in the salons with monthly maintenance: colouring, cutting, progressive brushes, nails, etc. Since permanent makeup lasts more than 1 year before "retouching" is needed, it is relatively inexpensive. Not to mention the economy made with conventional makeup that is used daily, and the time you will save per year. Most people do not wear permanent make-up to save money, they do it for convenience and to feel better.