Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup also known as semi – permanent makeup, permanent cosmetics or micropigmentation, is the use of pigmentation in areas traditionally reserved for makeup and also in areas of the body where Paramedics procedures are performed. This technique is clinically proven and specifically designed to be completely safe.

The process consists of a modern technique which non allergenic pigments are inserted into the dermal layer of the skin. Even though its name is called permanent, it has durability of 1½ years to 5 years, therefore periodic touch-ups are required to maintain the desired colour.


The micropigmentation can be used for men and women who just want to improve their appearance, or also for those who have lost some facial feature due to old age, chemotherapy or a genetic disorder. It is used by women who is allergic to the conventional makeup or women who have visual or physical disabilities and find it difficult to apply the daily makeup. The semi-permanent makeup can also be used to camouflage scars and white spots, including vitiligo. And is also been highly recommended by Doctors to recolouring the areola and the nipple of patients after undergoing a mastectomy.  


These procedures aim to improve self-esteem, self-confidence and personal freedom, allowing for a more active lifestyle and as well as saving time.

The Permanent makeup has been approved for years by plastic surgeons, ophthalmologists and dermatologists. They refer to these treatments as “cures” non-surgical.


In order to achieve best result, patient should listen to your professional and vice versa. Patient preferences with professional guidance normally produces a great job. The treatment can be performed immediately after the interview. Each procedure takes about 3,5 hours to complete. 


The return is performed during the period between 6 – 12 weeks to ensure satisfaction and long lasting results. The touch up is not include in the price of the first treatment.

Keeping your eyebrows always beautiful

The permanent makeup is not completely definitive, it loses the colour as time passes. After 1 year, you will notice the colour ton will lighten. So why not keep the colour always fresh by performing annual maintenance visits with 50% discount! This way you will always have beautiful eyebrows.


Permanent makeup can dramatically improve a person’s life, but can also be a permanent disaster if the artist there is no skills with shapes, symmetries and the domain in the theory of colours. These procedures require advanced knowledge in permanent cosmetics, as well as a sharp eye for colour shades and skin. The science behind the pigments and the physiology of human skin should be understood by the specialist who performs these procedures.

It is so upsetting and embarrassing for women receiving permanent procedure and end up needing to fix it.

The work of correction that involves the area of beauty and medicine is a delicate matter.

In countries where there are no regulations requiring that practitioners have licensed certificates are often associated with problems. Many of these problems occur due to lack of patient perform technical research before choosing a qualified professional to perform the permanent procedures. Cheap service can be a costly mistake that takes months or even years to correct. I understand that you are not experienced in this industry and sometimes it’s easear to get caught when you are anxious to improve your look, however you need time to ensure that the professional has the expertise to produce the result you want. Do it right at the first try.


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