Areola and Nipple

The pigmentation of the areola and nipple it is very often the final stage after the breast reconstruction in women underwent mastectomy. Both areola and nipple can be completely rebuilt using a medical tattoo technique. This procedure is performed to give a natural colour appearance to the areola and nipple in the breast surgically restored. In cases where the nipple was not restored, a 3D effect technic can be built emphasizing protruding nipple.

The same technique can be used for camouflaging scars on the areola or just improving them cosmetically by reaching a more symmetric form and a better definition, or even increasing their sizes.

The permanent pigmentation of areolas and nipples restore the natural beauty of breasts regaining confidence in their femininity. And not just promoting cosmetic changes but emotional, physical and relationship benefits. These permanent paramedic’s procedures from breast reconstruction are a miracle of the medical field.




A session of micropigmentation usually takes around 3 hours. The procedure may need a touch up to achieve best results. The average durability is from 18 months till 2 years. Sometimes the opposite nipple has also to be pigmented to ensure a similarity between the two breasts.

The areola and nipple pigmentation involves the application of hypoallergenic pigments in the superficial layers of skin using the same permanent cosmetic device.

Before beginning, the professional will inspect the skin making sure it is healthy enough to receive the procedure. And after cleaning the area with alcohol or an antiseptic solution, the drawing will be made with a pencil respecting the patient´s opinion about the shape. After it is been approved an anaesthetic gel is applied and performs the procedure.

All treatments are done in a safe environment and making use of individuals sterile needles.