After care

It is the professional duty to advise their patients about the correct ways to take care of the procedures performed to prevent premature colour fading. It is essential that people with permanent makeup avoid contact with strong chemicals such as chlorine and facial products with acids.


Post-pigmentation care

1) Wash the site with only cold water on 1st day;

2) After the 2nd day you can wash the area with mild soap;

3) Do not scrub the site;

4) Always sanitize your hands before handling the location that was pigmented during the healing phase;

5) Do not take direct sun, this can lead to fading;

6) Never apply creams containing acids on the site;

7) Do not go swimming (pool and sea) within 30 days, salt and chlorine fade away the colour of the pigment;

8) Take care of oven heat, hair dryer, cooker steam, sauna…;

9) Do not pick at your scabs or scratch/rub;

10) Do not kiss for 7 days or touch your lips on the pillow, in case of pigmented lips. And in the presence of herpes use zovirax ointment on the affected area;

11) If edema or swelling (common in the eye area) make cotton pads soaked in ice cold water and put over your closed eyes for 10-15 minutes;

12) Do not put makeup on until complete healing to prevent possible inflammation;

13) The colour may change in the first weeks after the procedure, but will stabilize at around the 30th  day;

14) Do the touch up after completing one month in order to achieve best results.